Vastu Corrections

Aura Photography


An AURA is the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds, encompasses and permeates the body as well as all living things. The colors and patterns within this energy field constitute a blueprint (the results of the energy we radiate from our feelings, thoughts, and physical being). Until recently, Aura's were only seen by the special few who had a gift to see the rainbow of colors. 

What is Aura Photography? 

Aura photography is a visual image of how we are functioning. 

The technological process is complicated. The hand-shaped plates are sophisticated sensors. They measure your electromagnetic field, based on the Ayurvedic (acupressure points on the hand) system of meridians. The camera codes the energy readings into frequencies (which correspond to certain colors) and process the photograph, a computer sorts the information and prints the Aura Photograph. 

These measurements are expressed as vibrational levels which a computer chip turns into their relevant colors. A data cable from the sensor takes the information to the camera which takes a double exposure (your image plus superimposing of colors collected from the sensors). This amazing photograph of all the collected data superimposed on the image is the Aura photo.

Through the use of this remarkable technology, we gain a deeper insight into our emotional - mental states, heal and spiritual well-being. Thus we are now able to give a more accurate reading of the Aura based on the colors that are photographed. 

The color interpretations are universal in meaning. The reader takes the photo and interprets the particles of colors based upon their placement on the photo. 

The magnetic energy of the planet controls the flow of energy by which we all live. Above the equator to the north, all energy circulates from right to left. South of the equator, the energy circulates from left to right. If you live in the northern hemisphere you receive energy from the left as it passes through us in a clock like flow then leave's our aura to the right. 

This Camera produces a mirror image of your aura. The Future is seen to the (photo) right, the Present is above the body, and the Past is on the left. Most of the cycles of our goals and desires shift every six months.

While most modern day astrologers are happy with interpreting the horoscopes of their clients and giving them advice, the ancients knew very well of the power that they were capable of drawing from the stars in aura photography. Therefore, knowing of their personal skills and experiences, they correctly pointed out the “the wise rules the stars”. Astrology, for them, was a lot more than just giving some advice of how to adjust to the will of the planets. It was truly "magic" when they used their knowledge to harness the stellar and planetary energies. Consequently, their clients were capable of aura photography

Taking control of their attitudes, skills and energy levels

Having a powerful biodynmaic farming impact upon their surroundings, and

Mastering their future and destiny.

Benefits of AURA Scanning


1.         See your aura with your own eyes .

2.         See the root cause of your disease .

3.         See vatt , kaph and pitta body .

4.         See your own healthier and week internal parts .

5.         See the effects of environment on your body. 

6.         See the effects of environment on your vastu  (residence , offices , factories  etc.)

7.         See the future expected diseases.

8.         See  the immediate effects of any treatment whether it is beneficial or harmful.

9.         See the energy leakages from your body.

10.       Know the true energy fields of gems , crystals , yantra ,water , food , medicines or any living and non living items 

11.       See your vastu defects in your premises also see the results after doing corrections.

12.      Check the compatibility with your planetary rings, rudraksh , yantra , Aroma with your body and  envoirment etc.

13.       See negative energies ( entity ) (if any) see results  after treatments